Ignited – Impact



million students have been positively impacted by our Teacher Fellows


Fellowships have been awarded to teachers ranging from grades K-16


of these students are disadvantaged and underrepresented in STEM fields


schools have been represented
by our Teacher Fellows


companies, universities, government labs, and foundations have provided support


districts have been represented
by our Teacher Fellows

classroom results

One year after their experience, we asked our 2016 Fellows about the impact of the program.

Fellowships transformed teachers.


Rated Fellowship as “the best” or “top 10%” of
their professional development experiences

Teachers changed their approach.


Went back to school and experimented
with new teaching strategies


Implemented or applied new
instructional practices

Students benefited.


Felt their teaching was more effective
after their Fellowship experience


Reported that their Fellowship had a
positive impact on student learning

Good teachers remained in the classroom.


Reported an increased commitment
to the profession of teaching

External evaluations

Ignited commissioned Quality Evaluation Designs (QED) to conduct an external evaluation
of how participating in our Summer Fellowship program changes teachers’ perspectives and behaviors. The evaluation focuses on teaching, professional development, career decision-making, and understanding of workplace culture and skills. These documents reflect the consistent, enthusiastic support our fellowship program has received from teachers and principals:

Report overview Report highlights Full report 2001 Ignited teacher retention and program impact 1985-2000

National board certification

Our Alumni have achieved National Board Certification at more than three times the rate of their peers in California. This certification increasingly has come to define what it means to be a master teacher in the US.

Proportion of Ignited Alumni with National Board Certification Compared with State & Nation

Each year, we survey our program participants to collect their feedback and suggestions.
Here are some evaluation highlights from the 2017 Summer Fellowship program.




would recommend their Teacher Fellow for another fellowship


gained ideas to create curriculum that is relevant to today's workplaces


felt the program was worthwhile for their department or organization


said that their Fellowship elevated their enthusiasm for teaching


were pleased with the quality of work their Teacher Fellow produced


increased their knowledge of careers in science, math, and technology


would participate in the Fellowship program again in the future


felt stimulated to think about new ways to improve their teaching


felt the fellowship program was personally worthwhile as a mentor


would recommend the Fellowship program to a friend or colleague

“Different shape solar panels generate different amounts of energy. It makes you think how math can be involved in your life for choosing what you want.” – Jasmine P, Student of 2015 Summer Fellow