Barbara Minneti

Barbara Minneti

Year: 1991

School: Monta Vista High

Location of school: Cupertino, CA

Company: Raytheon

Subject: Science

Outcomes: After my Fellowship, one of my students said I taught him how to think about life and the extremely practical nature of what learning meant.


I was a high school science teacher with my primary assignment as a physics teacher. Many of the regular physics students I worked with were anxious about math and only had basic algebra and geometry in the way of preparation.

The Fellowship

The fellowship not only gave me an opportunity to see real science in action, it also introduced me to the concept of groups which I incorporated into the lab activities I gave my students.


I assigned lab activities to a group of students for one deliverable. Each student in the group was responsible for one part (a description of the equipment, the protocol followed, the data collected, and the analysis of the results) though each had to “sign-off” on all the pages submitted.

One of my students reflected on his time as my student and said that I taught him the lessons of science that aren’t in the book and helped him think at a different level.