Val Monticue

Val Monticue

Year: 2014, 2015

School: Pinewood Upper Campus

Location of school: Los Altos Hills, CA

Company: Stanford, Kuo Lab

Subject: Physics

Outcomes: I gained enough expertise during my Fellowships that the lab invited me to join them at the South Pole during the 2015-2016 Antarctic summer as engineering support to get the telescope functioning properly again.


I grew up in rural Oklahoma, trained as a systems engineer in college with two thesis projects about Antarctic astronomy, then became a physics teacher. These fellowships let me return to my roots and spend more time in the world of engineering and Antarctica.

The Fellowship

During my Fellowship at the Kuo Lab, I helped prepare a telescope for deployment to the South Pole (2014) and worked with researchers building and testing instruments for the same telescope located at the South Pole that measures cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR), central to the study of the Big Bang Theory. (2015)


The students learned about the evidence science has to support the Big Bang Theory and the difficulties involved with doing science and engineering in extreme conditions.