The ASTRA Program

Ignited’s Accelerating Science and Technology Research and Academics (ASTRA) Program is based on our decades-long collaboration with Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley. Together we’ve provided hundreds of middle and high school teachers with authentic research experiences that promote science, technology, and academic careers. Starting in 2021, we’re expanding the program to new universities, labs, and companies.

The ASTRA Program helps:

Students understand research and academic careers

Connecting research labs to middle and high school classrooms helps students from all backgrounds see the variety of careers available to them.

Promote the scientific research process

Teachers work on real projects in research labs (virtually or in-person) with Principal Investigators to build a deeper understanding of the scientific research process.

Nurture ongoing relationships with researchers

Keeping researchers and teachers connected builds students’ enthusiasm for science, technology, and academics and helps them self-identify with possible careers.

As we build relationships with research teams at a variety of universities and national laboratories, company employees have the opportunity to support classroom visits, internships, joint projects, and other activities. Download the one-page program overview to learn more.



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