Diversity Leadership Development Program

Diversity matters. Especially in your next group of Directors, Senior Directors, and Vice Presidents. To develop your top talent, you’ll need a program that showcases their skills across your entire business. Our one-year rotational development program does that, and more. And unlike other leadership development programs, our approach uses real business projects to deliver tangible, enterprise-wide results.

Ignited’s Diversity Leadership Development Program creates:

Visibility for your top talent

Each participant designs and implements a year-long strategic project working hands-on with underserved schools, teachers, and students.

Greater engagement with your diversity groups

Year-long projects mobilize your Diversity, Employee Resource, and Affinity Groups to volunteer as role models in underserved schools.

Tangible results

Participants can focus on building a more diverse local talent pool for your company, strengthening talent pipelines with middle and high schools and universities, improving employee engagement and morale, or enhancing your company’s external reputation through increased volunteerism.

Our program works best as an integrated part of your existing leadership development, employee engagement, and diversity programs. Download the one-page program overview to learn more.



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