Amazing Careers Webinars for Educators

Amazing Careers is a series of short, informative webinars that helps educators bring interesting careers to every classroom.

A rotating set of professionals and hosts will discuss joining and being successful in a variety STEM-oriented industries. Educators can hear from a wide range of professionals, ask questions, and bring new career insights back to their students.

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Past Webinars

Brody Huval, co-founder of (acquired by Apple), and Lee Redden, co-founder of Blue River Technology (acquired by John Deere) have built amazing careers in some of today’s most cutting-edge areas, including self-driving vehicles, autonomous robotics, computer vision, and deep learning. Our host this month is Christine Moon, co-founder of, and a Board Member at Ignited.


Brody Huval worked on his PhD in computer science at Stanford in Andrew Ng’s lab for four years, pioneering early work involving deep learning on GPUs and with autonomous vehicles. He then dropped out with his lab-mates to form in 2015.

After four years, $90 million raised, and growing the company to 150 employees, was acquired by Apple in 2019. Brody is currently working on machine learning in the automotive space within the Special Projects group at Apple.


Lee Redden is the co-founder and chief scientist of Blue River Technology. Blue River pioneered the See & Spray System that uses computer vision to detect every plant and spray just the weeds.

Blue River was acquired by John Deere and was the driving force behind their autonomous tractor announcement. Lee has shifted his work to control systems and his group has a skid steer that can stand on two wheels and perform choreographed motions.

Christine Moon is the co-founder of, a 4D predictive perception solution for autonomous vehicles, where she serves as President and COO. In her 20+ years at hypergrowth Silicon Valley tech companies, including Google, Dropbox, Color Genomics, and, she’s helped scale those companies, streamline operations, and forge new partnerships.

Prior to moving to Silicon Valley, Christine helped blue chip companies with their strategic and financing needs at Morgan Stanley. She’s a Fulbright Scholar, a Rotary Scholar, and a Yale Fellow and is a member of Ignited’s Board of Directors.