Top Talent Diversity Development Program

Diversity matters. Especially in your next group of Directors, Senior Directors and Vice Presidents. To empower the right talent, you’ll need programs they can lead that showcase their skills across your entire business. Our one-year rotational program does that, and more.

Participants focus on three areas:

1) Identifying under-served schools

We find the right local schools for ongoing engagement

2) Leading Summer Teamwork Projects with teachers

Summer projects at your companies build stronger collaboration and project
leadership skills for your teams

3) Equipping employees to be brand ambassadors and role models

Employees head back to school and work on activities such as mentoring students, creating STEM experiments and judging science fairs

The program integrates with existing leadership and diversity programs. You can learn more with our short program overview.



Create a powerful development program for your company

Development for key


Build teamwork with hands-on, collaborative summer projects

Experiences for all


Create life-changing experiences that engage and retain your employees