Diversity Development Program

Diversity matters. Especially in your next group of Directors, Senior Directors and Vice Presidents. To develop your top talent, you’ll need a program to showcase their skills across your entire business. Our one-year rotational program does that, and more.

The Diversity Development Program:

1) Creates visibility for your top talent

We’ll raise your top talent’s visibility by helping them identify promising summer projects for teams across your company.

2) Engages your diversity groups

The DDP Program mobilizes Employee Resource and Affinity Groups and connects them to teachers and schools in under-served communities.

3) Enhances your brand and reputation

We help you build strong local relationships with under-served schools and explore new ways to support their diverse student populations.

Ignited’s Diversity Development Program has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing leadership development and diversity programs. Learn more with our short overview.

Develop your

Top Talent

Create the diversity development program your company needs

Develop your


Build teamwork with hands-on, collaborative Summer Projects

Engage your ERGs and


Mobilize your employees and diversity Employee Resource and Affinity Groups