Top Talent Diversity Development Program

Diversity matters. Especially in your next group of Directors, Senior Directors and Vice Presidents. To empower the right talent, you’ll need a program they can lead that showcases their skills across your entire business. Our one-year rotational program does that, and more.

The program focuses on:

1) Identifying Summer Projects

Top Talent Leaders work with groups across your company to find interesting projects for team development. It raises their profile and helps them expand their networks.

2) Mobilizing Employee Resource Groups

Top Talent Leaders work with your ERGs to develop employees as role models for students. They help ERGs participate in school activities such as judging science fairs, mentoring students and creating STEM experiments.

3) Partnering with under-served schools

We work with your Top Talent Leads to identify under-served schools for ongoing relationships and regular classroom activities.

Everything fits easily into your existing leadership development and diversity programs and you can learn more from our short overview.

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