Employee Engagement

Retain your current employees with life-changing development experiences

Engaging and retaining talented employees is one of the biggest challenges in business today. Replacing employees is expensive. And, productivity, morale and customer satisfaction suffer when good employees leave.

That’s why development and skill building are critical investments with solid returns. To stay at your company, employees want rewarding, inspiring and unique career experiences. And that’s what Ignited’s approach delivers. We’ll work together to:

Create one-of-a-kind team building experiences for your employees

We identify activities at local schools that bring your employees together into a more cohesive team. Some examples include: Judging science fairs, mentoring students, equipping school labs and designing STEM experiments

Energize your employee diversity networks

We’ll help your diversity and employee affinity groups get involved as brand ambassadors and role models at schools for girls and students traditionally under-represented in STEM or other disciplines

Connect employees to year-round classroom activities

We work actively to maintain year-round classroom connections with employees and teachers

Employee experiences can be created as part of our Top Talent Development Program or as an extension of our Summer Teamwork Projects. Ignited links your employees to under-served local students and schools. Schools get engaged professionals helping students and teachers. And you keep your great employees.



Create the best customized experiences for your entire workforce

Development for diverse

Top Talent

Prepare your top talent for Director, Senior Director and VP roles

Development for key


Build stronger teamwork with hands-on, collaborative summer projects