Employee and ERG Engagement

Energize your employees and your diversity networks

Employees want unique career experiences and working with teachers, schools and students is rewarding for everyone. That’s why Ignited works together with your Employee Resource Group leaders to:

Bring your diversity groups to schools

Your diversity and employee affinity groups are powerful brand ambassadors. We help ERG members become strong role models for girls and under-represented students.

Create team building activities

We identify activities at local schools for your employees and ERGs. Examples from previous years include: Judging science fairs, mentoring students, equipping school labs and designing STEM experiments.

Connect employees to classrooms

Relationships with teachers open up year-round, in-class activities. Your employees can share experiences, inspire students and encourage kids to explore careers that may seem out of reach.

Every engagement makes a difference and we can get you started as part of the Top Talent Diversity Development Program or as an extension of our Summer Projects.

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