Career and Education Partnerships

Our growing network of strategic partners is currently pursuing a number of transformational education projects for girls, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, LGBTQ, low-income, and other marginalized students who are under-represented in the top tier of careers and companies.

The StepUP Program

The STEM Teacher and Employee Partnerships for Underserved Populations (StepUP) Program is a strategic alliance between the Krause Center for Innovation, Science from Scientists, the SEMI Foundation, and We Rep STEM. Various projects are being proposed to transform advanced science and technology education, amplify industry connections to students, and enhance middle and high school Career Technical Education pathways across multiple school districts.

Career Technical Education Projects

In partnership with local school districts, we’re investigating multiple ways to strengthen the connections between companies and Career Technical Education programs that provide students with clearer pathways to careers.

Algebra 1 Transformation

A proposal for funding has been submitted for a significant pilot project that will evolve Algebra 1 support systems by introducing the strongest possible industry elements for students.

Our workforce development partnerships bring together educators, companies, nonprofits, and funders to align priorities and resources behind transformational goals and projects. We’re actively expanding our network of strategic partnerships and are always open to new opportunities to collaborate. You can download our one-page overview to learn more.

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