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Ignited – Programs

Ignited Programs

By fostering collaboration between educators, scientists, and business leaders, Ignited is building a community that has the skills and the passion to transform STEM education.


Teachers are matched with companies, universities, and research labs to tackle real-world problems and transfer the experience to their students.

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Local organizations host teams of teachers and show how 21st Century Skills are applied in the workplace.

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Research Collaborative

Cohorts of high school science teachers focus on increasing the rigor of scientific inquiry in their classrooms.

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2nd/3rd grade teachers gain exposure to innovative workplaces and develop active STEM learning curricula.

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Tech Talks

Technologists, entrepreneurs, educators, and local leaders connect and exchange ideas about critical issues that impact the community.

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Fund for Innovation

Grants ranging from $100 to $1,000
are awarded to teachers so they can implement new projects in schools.

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“After my fellowship I can bring the world into a lesson in ways that encourage my students to go beyond the classroom walls and explore things they hadn’t thought about before.” – Maria L, 2016 Summer Fellow