Theo Dykzeul

Theo Dykzeul

Year: 2013 - 2015

School: Emery Secondary School

Location of school: Oakland, CA

Company: Synopsys and Mentor Graphics

Subject: Algebra 1, Geometry and Statistics

Outcomes: Students gained work skills in class through collaboration and teamwork as well as presentation skills.


I am a native of the Bay Area and have taught in public schools in the East Bay for 8 years.

Fellowship Experience

Working at Mentor Graphics taught me the importance of team work and collaboration. When I had a question, or one of my team members needed help, we were always there for one another.


When creating projects for students to complete in class, I make sure to create a general theme that will allow students to choose a more specific topic for research. This creates more of a by-in from the students, since they are researching topics they are interested in. I then require students to create PowerPoint presentations that utilize skills industry professionals use, as well as go through a strict presentation rubric so students are prepared to present their findings. These presentations allow students to gain more confidence when speaking in front of others, and allows them to know how to present to an audience by maintaining eye-contact, correct hand posture, and clear and slow speech.

“I am glad Mr. D worked over the summer so we could gain other skills necessary to work in a job.”  11th grade female student