Areas of key support

Supporting an area of greatest need helps reach more students

$1,000 per classroom – The Fund for Innovation

For teachers to obtain the supplies needed for implementing new projects in their classrooms

$5,000 – Fund supplies for five classrooms

Help five teachers obtain supplies for bringing innovations and projects to their classrooms

$16,000 – Support a Teacher Summer Experience

Fund a transformative experience in a company, university research lab, or nonprofit

$20,000 – Sponsor a coach

Sponsor a veteran teacher to develop lesson plans with all the teachers participating in our Summer Projects

$30,000 – Build a Career Experience Week

Build an experience for teachers to learn about a new industry. You support a week-long experience with teachers who bring those experiences and ideas back to their classrooms. Our Career Experience Weeks are a powerful starting point for students to learn about a company and industry. One session supports 10 teachers and reaches approximately 1,500 students



Support the areas of greatest need so Ignited reaches more students this year



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