Stories – Industry Leaders, Teachers, and Students

Ignited believes teachers are the key to education transformation and workforce development due to their trusted relationship with students and their unique influence on career choice. Stories of our partner industry leaders, our teachers, and their students illustrate the power of working together on large-scale, systemic changes.


Ignited’s powerful professional development opportunities serve as a source of inspiration for new teaching ideas. Teachers are paid to immerse themselves in companies and bring those experiences back to their classrooms.

Industry Leaders

During the summer, Industry Leaders work with teachers directly on each project. Teachers provide valuable support, bring new ideas, and help corporate teams develop new skills.


By empowering educators through unparalleled experiences, we transform classrooms with practical skills and knowledge needed for the future workforce. Explore the impact Ignited teachers’ have on students career paths.


With three decades of unparalleled expertise, Ignited drives trusted partnerships that result in measurable outcomes with tangible benefits.

Join us in our mission to foster a stronger, more equitable education ecosystem.



Build a future-ready workforce

Company Experience


Build awareness of critical careers



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