Summer projects

and experiences

with companies

Meet industry professionals. Build relationships. Transform teaching.

Our Summer Fellowship Program is an immersive, hands-on professional development experience for teachers that you can also use in your classrooms. You’ll work on projects at local companies, nonprofits, and university research labs to learn how classroom concepts and skills are applied, and can engage your students with new curriculum, while benefiting from ongoing relationships with a new network of professionals.

Our Industry Weeks are interactive weeklong experiences crafted to introduce meaningful, less-known career pathways. Through tours, job shadows, and other interactions with local industry professionals, teachers learn about the process and the well-paid careers available to today’s students.

During the school year, our Learning Community meets monthly to connect teachers with industry leaders and fellow educators interested in bringing cutting-edge careers into their classrooms. Join via Zoom while cooking dinner or on your commute home!

Summer Fellowship


Work on summer projects to get new perspectives on classroom concepts



Get immersed in local industries: water, renewable fuel, construction, and more



Teachers are from all backgrounds, grade levels, and schools