Fellowship Program Details


Teachers are eligible to apply for the Ignited Summer Fellowship Program if they meet the following requirements:

Teach K-16, full-time within our service area*

Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz or Solano counties

You must also be contracted to teach full-time during the following school year within this area.

*If you do not teach in one of the counties listed above and are interested in a Fellowship, please contact Ignited.

Committed to Teaching

Completed at least two years of full-time teaching in any discipline by June of the current school year.

Committed to continuing to teach for at least the next three years.

Able to work full-time in a non-teaching job

Have a legal right and necessary documents to work in the US in a non-teaching job.

Available full-time during standard business hours for the Fellowship period.


In order for the Fellowship to be considered complete, Fellows are required to:

  • Complete an eight-week Fellowship, 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week during standard business hours.¬†Ignited may approve minor adjustments to length of Fellowship.¬†At least six weeks of any Fellowship must be held during the core eight week Fellowship period (June 10 – August 2, 2019).
  • Complete Fellowship project assigned by Host organization.
  • Design and implement an Education Transfer Plan (ETP) for applying the summer experience during the academic year. Earning a passing score on the ETP rubric is required for the Fellow to earn all grant money and be eligible for future Ignited Fellowships.
  • Attend meetings to support Education Transfer Plan.
  • Complete a survey at the end of the summer and a Fellowship Impact Report after implementing their ETP.
  • Forgo soliciting or accepting employment from their Ignited Host organization.
  • Return to teaching the following school year.

Timeline & process

Application Process


Complete application.

March - May

Express interest in Fellowship projects.

Review the projects submitted by Host companies and organizations and formally express interest in one or more.


Interview for Fellowship positions.

* Complete your application by February for the best chance of securing a Fellowship. However, applications will continue to be accepted on an ongoing basis until all Fellowships are filled. Last year, 75% of the teachers offered Fellowships completed their application by the end of March.

Fellowship time commitment


Attend an Orientation.

Orientation will be held on the morning of Saturday, June 8, 2019.


Complete an eight-week Fellowship.

Work 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week during standard business hours.

Complete an Education Transfer Plan (ETP) translating your experience to
your school. View a sampling of Fellowship Projects and ETPs here.


Implement Education Transfer Plan.

Implement Education Transfer Plan at your school

Complete Summer Fellowship Impact Report