Our Impact

38 years of making a difference for students, teachers, schools and companies

Classroom Results

After their experiences, we asked teachers about the impact of the program

Ignited Teachers   Evidence Effect of Teacher Experiences
Increase enthusiasm for teaching 4‑fold Decreased attrition for Ignited Teachers versus state and national averages Good teachers remain in schools
Expand capacity as teacher leaders 72% Ignited Teachers hold school / district leadership positions Industry experiences are shared within schools and districts
Improve teacher effectiveness 95% Ignited Teachers increased confidence in STEM teaching abilities Students learn more effectively
Encourage student engagement in and enthusiasm for STEM 100% Ignited Teachers report positive impact on student learning Students stay interested in STEM careers

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Program Impact Report


An external evaluation of Ignited’s programs for the first 15 years

Program Impact Report


An external evaluation of Ignited’s programs from the early 2000’s