Stephanie Ruzicka

Educator for 14 years. Currently teaching 7th grade life science, 8th grade physical science, and AVID. Became an Ignited Coach to support fellow teachers.

Fellowship Location
Stanford University

“As a Summer Fellow, the insights I gained within the professional and university science communities have given me new curriculum ideas and teaching concepts to share with my students. In addition, the networking opportunities that Ignited has provided for teachers throughout the Bay Area have given me connections that I have accessed throughout each school year.”

“During my Summer Fellowships at Stanford University I attended research lectures that I have shared with my students each year. The students in my classes have experienced curriculum that introduces them to what a Life Cycle Assessment is and how it applies to the engineering field. This is curriculum I have utilized and modified each school year since my fellowship. It ties in very well with the engineering focus of Next Generation Science Standards.”