Wendy Chew

Elementary school educator for 8 years. Currently teaching Computer Science and serving as the school’s Technology Specialist.

Fellowship Location
Lockheed Martin


As a first time Ignited teacher, the overall experience with Lockheed Martin was beyond my imagination. The real life working experience as a developer gave me a deeper understanding of the skill sets that we need to help our students develop. In addition to being exposed to Machine Learning, I learned to work effectively in a remote setting, while dealing with challenges and still meet deadlines to create a meaningful product.

The advantages of this summer’s experience included not having a commute and being able to be more flexible with my time and work. Although it was virtual, I was able to observe how the members of my department interacted with each other. I will share concrete examples with my students about recognizing the diverse skills that every member of a team brings to a project.


I produced a Machine Learning Startup Guide for the department, something they have been struggling to find time to produce for a while. I was well supported by my Mentor, the department, and the whole Ignited support system.

I developed a lesson for my 3-5 grade students to help them explore the concept of Machine Learning. The learning activity goes through the steps of how to train a computer to learn and then predict an outcome, as Siri learns what music a user likes.