Benefits and Timeline



See how we impact teachers, students, and schools

Experience with technology innovations

Learn more about how new technologies and techniques are applied in companies and research labs


Earn up to $9,800 in income. Teachers get paid $7,000, plus up to $2,800 in grants

Develop new curriculum

Spend 10% of the summer creating a plan to bring knowledge back to your classroom, with the support of an Ignited Coach

Career growth

Earn continuing education credits (CEUs) and develop new skills with support from an Ignited coach

School resources and support

Build relationships with your Project Leader and their teams to plan for student field trips, educational programs, classroom visits and other activities

Networking opportunities

Join a professional community of educators focused on classroom innovations and continuous learning

2024 timeline

December to March – Complete application*

Submit an application by mid-February for the best chance of securing a spot

March to May – Review projects

Express interest in the company or university projects

April to June – Interviews and placements

Interview for a Summer Fellowship. Phone, in-person, or Zoom interviews are held until all spots are filled

June 8th – Orientation

Attend an in-person orientation on the morning of Saturday, June 8, 2024

June to August – Summer Fellowships

Work on your summer project. Most projects require eight hours per day, 40 hours per week during standard business hours. Complete an Education Transfer Plan (ETP) that translates your experience to your school. View a sample of projects and ETPs here

September to May – Implement ETP

Implement the Education Transfer Plan at your school and complete the Summer Project Impact Report



* Applications will continue to be accepted on an ongoing basis until all positions are filled. Last year, 75% of the teachers offered positions completed their application by the end of March.