StepUP for Students

A growing network of partners across the country have come together to participate in StepUP for Students, a new diversity, equity, and inclusion career program for high-needs school districts.

For 10 different advanced technology and science careers, companies can make smaller, customized investments in four main areas – content, training, experiences, and connections.

Each area helps students recognize new career opportunities:


Companies fund the development of 5-6 branded, hands-on lessons and activities for students in any of the 10 advanced tech or science disciplines


From group workshops to one-on-one classroom coaching, teachers learn more about how to share the technology and science topics with their students


Students and teachers participate in career-enhancing experiences, projects, apprenticeships, and internships


Students interact with role models from companies. Teachers learn from peers and company professionals in learning communities. And a set of digital badges and online platform to share progress

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Company Experience


Build awareness of critical careers

Collaborative Summer


Projects at your company for teachers