StepUP for Students

In early 2021, Genentech’s Diverse Future of STEM Fund supported the creation of a national network of industry, education, community, military, and government partners committed to providing career pathways and pipelines for students in low-income, high-needs communities. StepUP for Students, is their new career readiness and workforce development program.

The program gives teachers and their students:


Career-oriented lessons, units, and real-world challenges for 10 Advanced Technology and Science Career Pathways


Enhanced teacher training to deliver the new career-oriented content


A wide range of industry experiences for students and teachers to inspire further study and exploration

Ongoing Support

A Nationwide Alumni Learning Community and Ambassador Program keeps educators and industry professionals connected, learning, and engaged around the 10 advanced career pathways

Company employees help build career content and activities, contribute to teacher training, and provide hands-on student and teacher experiences. To learn more, download our StepUP overview or set up a 30-minute call.



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Company Experience


Build awareness of critical careers

Collaborative Summer


Projects at your company for teachers