The StepUP Career Hub Website

We’re currently looking for funding partners to help build a new national career awareness resource.

In 2021, Genentech provided seed funding to establish the StepUP Network. This nationwide group of partners provides equal access to advanced technology and science careers for high school, vocational, and community college students. Initial funding for the Career Hub Website was provided by the Department of the Navy and is currently being developed through 2022 and 2023.

The site brings together:

Career Communities

Teachers form peer-to-peer relationships and learn about careers through webinars, discussions, panels, and online and offline activities

Centralized Resources

The website is a one-stop-shop for career programs, content, training, and experiences

Career Ambassadors

A company employee engagement program with flexible participation opportunities as student role models, company activators, or industry thought leaders

Investment increments are small. With a $10K membership per team, you’ll get 10 years of access and build visibility with thousands of teachers and students. To learn more, click on the Contact Us button below.



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Company Experience


Build awareness of critical careers

Collaborative Summer


Projects at your company for teachers